Building Space Between the Walls

With west Ottawa’s only Emergency Department in one of the fastest growing hospital catchment areas in the country, Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) has an immediate need to create more space between its walls. Most days, QCH operates at or beyond capacity. With hundreds of patients being treated every day in our Emergency Department, those that require admission may wait for hours on a hallway gurney until an inpatient bed is available.

You can change that.

Your generosity will help build a comfortable, modern, fully-equipped space for 15 bed bays at QCH. There is no government funding for this urgently-needed project. At a cost of $267,000 for each bed area, donations from caring supporters in our community will cover:

  • Headwalls (lighting, electrical outlets, cabling, call system, medical gas and vacuum system connections)
  • Vital signs monitors
  • Patient beds
  • Hand washing stations
  • Privacy walls and curtains


The new patient bed area will be serviced with a nursing station and medication room, and will be located close to the Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging Department and Operating Rooms to improve patient flow for fast, efficient, and integrated care.