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Operating Rooms Upgraded with Leading Technology

Industry leading technology—the first of its kind in Ottawa—is being installed in all of the Operating Rooms at Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH). The surgical suites are getting the VIP treatment, upgraded with the latest smart software and hardware, all made possible thanks to the incredible generosity of donors to the QCH Foundation. These advancements are putting 4K technology into the hands of the QCH physicians and surgical teams, translating into huge benefits for patients and their families.

The enhanced visibility on screen, with a crisper and sharper picture, allows physicians to make even more accurate diagnoses and more precise cuts, which will lead to better health outcomes for patients.

The upgrades also mean more collaboration as surgeons can consult with colleagues in real-time by sharing images within a secure hospital network, right from the operating room. And the standardization of the devices in all ORs provides improved efficiency and consistency within the surgical program.

“The surgical suites can be pre-programmed for each type of surgery so that with the touch of a button, the OR is patient-ready,” explains Dr. Weaver. “This helps reduce downtime and increase capacity so we can help more patients. It’s incredible.”

Along with the impressive scope of this $3 Million project is the thoughtful consideration and collaboration that went into the planning, all of which was done during the pandemic.

“With these upgrades, we are not only at the forefront of surgical technology now, but we are well-positioned for years to come,” explains Dana Andersen, Manager Biomedical Engineering and Asset Management at QCH. “As the technology evolves, we will be able to incorporate it into each smart suite, and that’s transformational.”

QCH Foundation has raised $1.4 Million for this revolutionary project, but we need your help to raise the remaining funds.

Watch CTV News Ottawa’s coverage of the upgrades here.

Dr Joel Weaver General Surgeon

“Imagine you have a High-Definition (HD) TV at home, and you replace it with a new 4K model. Right away, you will notice a huge difference in the resolution and clarity,” explains Dr. Joel Weaver, General Surgeon, QCH. “From a surgical perspective, embracing this type of leading technology means our physicians will be able to see four times more on their surgical screens and sixty-four times more colour than HD.”