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Message from Shannon Gorman, QCH Foundation President and CEO

Your donation IS making a difference.

Each week more than 1,500 people will visit Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) for emergency services and thousands will more receive treatment and care through our cornerstone programs including Surgery, Acute Rehab, Childbirth, Medical Services and Mental Health, along with a full range of services such as diagnostics, orthopedics and acute care of the elderly.

Our loved ones deserve the very best treatment options available and with the tremendous support from our community, QCH Foundation is investing in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to help reduce wait times and increase capacity to help meet the needs of our growing and aging community.

QCH is recognized as one of the top hospitals in the country and thanks to our incredible QCH Foundation donors we will ensure our hospital is equipped to provide world-class care, close to home, to the more than 500,000 people who may turn to it each year.

The projects we are collaborating on now and in the future, will provide improved health outcomes for our community and ensure families in our community have access to world-class care, right here at home.


Shannon Gorman
President and CEO
QCH Foundation

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We know it’s important to our donors to know that the funds you are entrusting with us are being put to work to help advance local healthcare. It’s important to us too, and that’s why we have made a commitment to ensure the highest levels of transparency and accountability.


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Your Donation IS Helping to Provide World-Class Care at QCH

Impact of Care

Expansion of Mental Health Unit

The Queensway Carleton Hospital has experienced a steady increase in the number of people arriving at, or being brought to, the Emergency Department in a mental health or substance abuse crisis. Alarmingly, of the 31% of mental health visits to the ED which are referred to the on-call psychiatrist, 22% of those are admitted to hospital. The new mental health unit will be housed over two separate floors and include private rooms, program space and an outdoor area for inpatients.

Impact of Care

Infant Incubators for the Mom/Baby Unit

Thanks to the generosity of our QCH Foundation donors, the Mom/Baby Unit has additional infant incubators for our tiniest and most precious patients. These devices provide a safe and controlled space for babies, who were born prematurely or with health concerns, to live while their vital organs are growing and developing.

Leveraging technology, the incubator tracks and records the baby’s vital signs, ensuring doctors and nurses have the very latest information on a baby’s health status.

Impact of Care

Investing in Equipment

The Queensway Carleton Hospital Emergency Department (ED) will have access to 17 new Electronic Vital Signs Monitors, thanks to the collective fundraising efforts of our amazing donors. These medical devices are essential to patient care and are used more than 400 times per day by the frontline team.

Along with monitoring a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation levels and temperature, these devices can also help detect early stages of deterioration in a patient and allow the medical team to respond quickly.