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Women In Philanthropy Members Support Lifesaving Equipment for the ICU

Queensway Carleton Hospital will be receiving two new pieces of equipment, thanks to the collective efforts of QCH Foundation’s Women In Philanthropy group. The members raised close to $65,000 in 2023 through monthly giving and donations, and in early February they gathered together for the annual voting meeting to decide where they would allocate those funds.    

Once the pitches had been made from three hospital leaders, the group decided to put their $64,536 towards the purchase of a Transesophageal Echo (TEE) Probe and a Bedside Cardiac Monitor for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  

A TEE probe is a specialized device that creates clean, crisp, real-time images of the heart. Using ultrasound waves, the probe – which is inserted into the esophagus – measures how well the heart is functioning. The probe is used alongside other technology for thorough cardiac assessments. The probe allows physicians to make diagnoses at the bedside, in real time, ensuring patients receive treatment faster and more effectively.  

The Bedside Cardiac Monitors are essential equipment in the ICU. They constantly track and display information about heart function and trigger an alarm when there is an issue so the medical team can intervene quickly and provide appropriate care.

Last year, close to 1,200 patients were admitted to the ICU at Queensway Carleton Hospital. Patients in the ICU are very sick, and at risk of getting worse. They are often too fragile to be moved to another area of the hospital for testing and monitoring. Having the TEE probe and cardiac monitors in the ICU brings advanced technology to the patient’s bedside to quickly, safely and accurately monitor the heart and identify life-threatening conditions such as severe shock, valve disorders, arrythmias, blood clots, and heart failure.  

Thank you to the Women In Philanthropy group for investing in world-class care at QCH.