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Kanata North Business Association announces Partnership with Queensway Carleton Hospital and Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation

Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) and QCH Foundation will partner with Kanata North Business Association (KNBA) on their new Hub350 project. Hub350 will be an ecosystem for industry, academic, finance and community partners to co-exist and collaborate and is scheduled to open this October. With a force of some 33,000 skilled workers who make up the Kanata North catchment area, the much-anticipated collaboration will draw on hospital expertise by opening the QCH Lounge, a space that will be host to regular forums, educational sessions, and health and wellness resources of importance to everyone in the Kanata North community.

“We are delighted to bridge the gap between Canada’s largest technology park and QCH which is an important part of the Kanata North community. This partnership with QCH will bring essential wellness information into our community, prioritizing much-needed mental and physical health education for employees and their families within the technology park,” says Victoria McGlone, COO at Kanata North Business Association. “Furthermore, we are committed to supporting QCH Foundation in their ongoing fundraising efforts to ensure our community continues to benefit from state-of-the-art equipment and exemplary patient care at the QCH.”

“We are honoured to be named the Official Health and Wellness Partners of KNBA, Canada’s largest technology park. This partnership will help the hospital extend its work beyond the current walls of the QCH campus, connecting us with 500+ companies in the community we serve. We look forward to working with the KNBA to develop resources, educational programs and a speaker series that will help increase the health of our community,” says Dr. Andrew Falconer, President and CEO of Queensway Carleton Hospital.

“This exciting partnership will provide QCH Foundation with an opportunity to build vital connections within our community to inspire action in support of QCH,” says Shannon Gorman, President and CEO, Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation.

About Kanata North Business Association

The KNBA is committed to representing and advocating for the best interests of the over 540 member businesses located in Canada’s Largest Technology Park. As a critical engine behind Ottawa’s economic development and a globally recognized technology and innovation hub, the Kanata North Tech Park is home to a robust and vibrant tech ecosystem. The KNBA fosters success for its member companies by having a strong voice at all levels of government and supports an integrated multi-partner promotions strategy to build awareness about Kanata North as a centre for innovation and a destination for businesses that supports growth, collaboration and talent for member businesses. For more information, visit