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Inaugural AmbCare Cup raises fun and funds for QCH Foundation

The inaugural AmbCare Cup fundraising event took place in honour of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Skin and Soft Tissue Clinic (SSTIC) to help raise funds in support of QCH Foundation.

6 teams – Ninjas of the Neck (ENT team), Antman and the QASP (Pharmacy), The Tragically Hip and Knee (TJAC), SSTIC (ID Clinic team), Knives Out (Minor Procedure team), and Chronic Sonics (Chronic Care team) competed in 5 different skills competitions to get all the glory of winning the first cup!

The skills competitions included:

  • Bed Pan Corn Hole
  • N95 broken telephone
  • Diagnose the Picture
  • The “Balancing” act
  • A Blind “Wrap”

In the end, it was Ninjas of the Neck that secured the trophy and bragging rights with 375 points.

Special thanks to Dr. Ruchi Murthy, Pam Ladouceur, and Jennifer MacDonald, who led this special fundraising event. Together, they raised $2,300 for QCH Foundation!