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Cooking with the Q: Balti Chicken Recipe

Cooking with the Q: Balti Chicken Recipe

Dr. Nina Ghosh and her husband Dr. John Hilton have been trying to find ways to expand the dinner menu at home,

“I’m of Indian origin, but I have not been able to convince my three children (ages 10, 7 and 4) to eat Indian food,” explains Nina, a Cardiologist at QCH.

“My husband visited a neighborhood called the “Balti Triangle” in Birmingham England and found a restaurant that made Balti Chicken. He cooked it for the kids and they loved it and now it is part of our weekly dinner rotation. It’s the first type of Indian food I could convince them eat!”

When she’s not at home with her young family, Nina enjoys listening to current event podcasts and long-distance running. In fact, she tries to get in three to four 10k runs per week.

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