The Latest and Best Medical Technology and Equipment

A specialized monitor for patients needing an MRI scan is just one of the new pieces of equipment QCH must purchase this year to improve patient comfort and safety.

Replacing medical equipment that is out-of-date, or at the end of its useful life, and purchasing the latest and best medical technology is essential for providing the highest standard of healthcare to our rapidly growing community.

Many people are surprised to learn there is no government funding for hospital equipment purchases.

The entire cost of new tools and technology must be covered by donations from people like you.

Saving lives in the ICU requires sophisticated and expensive technology. New computerized vital signs monitors, IV pumps and centralized patient monitoring systems are urgently needed today for the care of critically ill patients.

More infant incubators and neonate infusion devices for the IV delivery of medicine and fluids must be purchased to help frail newborns in our Special Care Nursery get a healthier start to life.

This year, due to COVID-19, the need is even greater, as some purchases planned for the future had to be expedited to care for an increased number of patients and their urgent needs.

Your investment today in medical technology will:

  • Support expanded program and services
  • Increase efficiency and help reduce wait times
  • Improve patient comfort and safety
  • Shorten hospital stays
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Attract the best and brightest medical talent