Mental Health Unit Equipment Campaign

Mental Health Unit Equipment Campaign
$1 Million Fundraising Campaign

Inspired by Hope

Queensway Carleton Hospital will be opening the doors in December to the beautiful, new, sun-filled Mental Health In-Patient Unit. The Unit will be the first space to open to patients with the remainder of the project expected to be completed in 2023. When complete, this initiative will
double the size of this important mental health facility.

This project is a reality, thanks in part to the outstanding generosity of our hospital supporters. Your thoughtful donations are ensuring patients in need of acute mental healthcare have access to the very best treatment, close to home.

To view the full Mental Health Unit Equipment Campaign requirements – please click here.

Mental Health Unit Furniture and Equipment Requirements

Specialized equipment and furniture are needed for the new Mental Health Unit. If you would like to help provide patients with the most comfortable and therapeutic environment for care, your thoughtful donation can be used for the items below.

Along with the furniture items below for the In-Patient Unit, funds raised will be used to purchase specialized furnishings and equipment for the new Outpatient Unit, now under construction and the installation and landscaping of a beautiful, therapeutic garden for patients, family, friends and staff.

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  • Weighted Seating – Lounge Chairs and Rockers – $15,000
    Featuring designs suitable for any location including the clinical and therapy rooms. The weighted chairs offer secure and comfortable seating for patients.


  • Weighted Waiting Room Chairs and Tables – $15,000
    Using a soft colour palette and clean lines, these comfortable chairs and sturdy tables will be featured in the waiting area for patients.


  • Exercise Room Equipment – $15,000
    Exercise is an important part of an individual’s overall health and wellness plan. Your donation will help to purchase a treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bike and general workout equipment.


  • Weighted Outdoor Patio Furniture – $15,000
    By creating a custom outdoor space patient’s will have the opportunity to relax in the tranquil surroundings in the garden areas while in a safe and secure environment.


  • ADL Kitchen Set-Up – $15,000
    The kitchen is an important space in the facility and it’s where nourishing meals will be created and where great conversations will be shared. To serve the needs of the patients, the kitchen will be equipped with all of the essentials – fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, blenders and mixers, pots and pans, cutlery, dishes and baking gear.


  • Beds – $10,000 (28 required)
    Focused on safety, these beds feature low platforms to help reduce falls and injuries and increase patient comfort for a secure sleeping environment.


  • Comfort Room Items (table, wall mural, mats) – $5,000
    Blending together relaxation and tranquility, the comfort room items, including a nature-inspired mural, will offer patients a calming and comfortable environment.


  • Weighted Dining Room Seating – $1,000 (24 required)
    Blending safety and well-being into the design, each chair offers comfortable and secure seating.