Wills & Bequests

Every gift in a will makes a difference to the care of patients at QCH.  Here’s some sample will wording to discuss with your lawyer or financial advisor.  They can help you choose the option that is right for your situation.

Sample Will Wording

Residual Bequest
A gift of all or a percentage of what remains after other terms of the will have been satisfied.
“My estate trustees shall pay ______(all or %) of the residue of my estate to Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation, Ottawa, ON.”
Specific Bequest
A gift of a specific amount or a particular asset
“My estate trustees shall pay the sum of $ ______ (or transfer assets with an equal value) to Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation, Ottawa, ON.”
Contingent Bequest
A gift that that will be made to the hospital only if other beneficiaries do not survive you.
“In the event that [name of beneficiary] does not survive me, or dies prior to the distribution of my estate, then the undistributed remainder of my estate shall be given to Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation, Ottawa, ON.”
Legal Name
The name you should include in your will to make a bequest is Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation”.  The Foundation is responsible for raising money and performing estate administration on behalf of the Hospital.
Charitable Number
137253571 RR0001

Need More Information?

Please contact Nadine Fowler, Major & Planned Giving Associate, Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation at nfowler@qch.on.ca , 613.721.4700 ext. 5609.