Why Join QCH During a Pandemic?

Valentin Sasu and his newborn son

We asked some of our newest staff why they chose to join Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) in the middle of a pandemic. Here is what one had to say.

Moving Mountains

Running Towards the Epicenter of Disaster

By: Valentin Sasu

Years before I was in nursing, I saw an ad promoted by an international organization. It showed a natural disaster in a city and all its people, but one, were running away. That one person was running towards the epicenter of the disaster. That person was a frontline worker. Today, I am associating myself with that person. Like them, I follow my calling regardless of the pandemic, natural disasters, or conflict.

I believe that trust will move mountains. Especially during challenging times trust is won and not given. Through your skills, knowledge and values you must prove to your patients, your team, your leaders — and most importantly to yourself — that you are reliable and trustworthy. Once you’ve earned that trust you have to maintain it.

I associate QCH with a “Swiss Watch” where everyone knows what they are doing — and they are doing it well. As a nurse I feel like one part of this healthcare mechanism and that makes me happy. With the increased acuity on the Medicine Inpatient Unit (C4), I have memorable moments every single shift, but I still remember my first few days on the unit in May. The new environment and processes were contributing to my levels of anxiety and stress, however, the C4 team was there for me and helped me a lot. The strength of the C4 unit is its team and I am proud to be part of it.

I will never forget 2020, not because of the pandemic but because this is the year my son was born. Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how we are going to live our lives. This is true for me as a nurse, for me as a father, for me as citizen.

Stay positive people!