We love dad

Ahead of Father’s Day this year, we asked Team QCH to help us honour the incredible father figures in their lives by submitting a photo and a quote on what makes them simply the best.

The photos and quotes were used in a QCH Foundation Father’s Day fundraising campaign in support of our hospital. 

We received so many amazing submissions from the hospital team that we wanted to take the opportunity to share them with you and highlight some of these super-Dads!

THANK YOU to all of those who submitted wonderful photos and donated to our campaign.

You can read all the submissions here:

Campbell Toohey, Registered Nurse

Campbell Toohey with his son, Michael, as a baby and all grown up.

“My son Michael makes me proud to be a father. Raised him on my own since the age of five and he has been nothing but joy in my life. Now my little bundle of joy is twice the size of me.”

Dr. Haemi Lee, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Lee receiving a perm from her father.

“This is a picture of my father giving me a perm as was the style in those days. He is never afraid to try something new, especially if it brings joy to the family.”

Dr. Sarah Walsh, Neurologist

Dr. Sarah Walsh’s husband, Bryan, and one of their children.

“When the pandemic hit, our nanny left. We could not get…a childcare provider…We were short staffed here at the hospital and my clinical responsibilities increased, so there was no way I could stay home to care for our two little ones, a five-year-old and six-month-old. In stepped Bryan. He took a paternity leave from his IT job, which eventually became permanent, as the pandemic had no end in sight — nor did my workload. It is because of him that our family was able to survive multiple school closures, forays into online learning, doctor and specialist appointments for our littlest, and taking over a private practice as new small business owners. This is not necessarily where he pictured himself when entering his field, and one day will return when things are less hectic, but he did so with grace, love, and patience. He is our hero!”

Elisha Rulli, Environmental Services

Elisha Rulli and her ‘Pepa’.

I am the proud granddaughter of my 87 year old grandfather, Elio Rulli Sr (Pepa). We refer to him as the ‘glue’. His love is unconditional. He is the most selfless, determined and devoted man to his family. He brightens everyone’s day with his Italian singing and sound advice. He may have shrunk over time, but I will never stop looking up to him. Love you Pepa.

Ginette Viau, Physiotherapist

Ginette Viau with her family.

“Special dad who raised four daughters… at age 19 bought land, cut the cedars to build a cottage… our family has been so very close and blessed, spending a lot of time together at that special place we call home. He is a friend, a confident and a hard worker… a role model for many. That is my dad… Jacques Viau.”

Janet McCleary, Environmental Services

Janet McCleary and her husband, Eric, with their children.

“It’s been a trying last year on the whole family and I’m so thankful for my husband Eric Ouellette! When COVID-19 started he worked from home and help our boys get set up for remote learning while also making sure they were feeling happy and safe during these uncertain times. In October he was laid off due to COVID-19 and still currently waiting to get called back. I took on extra work and he was always by my side asking what I needed, making meals, keeping the kids occupied and the housework going.

Then in February I took the leap of faith to join the QCH family and he has been my rock, so attentive and making sure the kids are quiet when I have to sleep, my lunches are always ready in the fridge and my scrubs put through the laundry and folded on the table waiting to go in my bag. He works away at helping our boys, 14 and 16 years old, with projects and class assignments, never complains or even says he’s tired! He has surprised me so many times with wonderful homemade meals he never cooked before like the gnocchi for my birthday and Mother’s day, enchiladas, fluffy buttermilk biscuits and so much more! He helps the kids and I with zero complaints and I feel so grateful to have such an amazing kind, loving and supportive partner in life and father to our children! Thanks and Happy Father’s day to all the wonderful people that accept this role with gusto!”

Katrina Lapointe, Administrative Assistant

Katrina Lapointe’s family.

“For father’s day I want to celebrate two men that have had an amazing influence on our family. Both my husband and I were raised by fathers who chose to love us and our mothers without worrying about blood relation. They have helped to form the people that we are today and have been the best grandfathers to our daughter Isabelle. Unfortunately, my father-in-law passed away in March of this year and his presence has been greatly missed by our whole family. So here’s to all fathers who love with their whole hearts and who are always there for their families no matter what life brings!”

Kelsey Hayes, Administrative Assistant

Kelsey Hayes with her family.

“My dad is amazing. He thinks that the word “amazing” is overused, but I think it suits him just fine. My dad has always been there for me, helping me with my homework growing up, coaching my little league soccer teams, listening to my dramatic stories and talking through things I’ve struggled with.

These past two years my dad has stepped up in ways none of us imagined him ever having to. My dad became a care partner for my mom who was diagnosed with Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer in 2019. Throughout her diagnosis my dad has been there to help keep our family together, and to support my mom and her treatment. He is always there with a notepad and questions at every QCH doctor’s appointment, every chemotherapy session (pre-pandemic). He does 100 other things every day to support my mom and the family. I feel so fortunate to have such a present, compassionate, loving father. My life and the lives of so many others wouldn’t be the same without him. I love you dad.”

Lianne Learmonth, Clinical Director 

Lianne Learmonth with her father.

“This is my dad Mike. This amazing man is a cancer survivor and is a full time caregiver for my mom. He is truly my hero for how selfless he has lived his life. I absolutely love when we get out together on the golf course – so important for him to have a break and for us to spend quality time doing something we love. Yes, we are a little competitive, usually counting putts!”

Lindsay Howcroft, Administrative Assistant

Lindsay Howcroft’s family.

“These two human beings mean more to me than anything in this world and this picture means the world to me.”

Melissa Laroche, Advanced Practice Nurse

Melissa Laroche’s family.

“We really missed being away from the grandparents especially during these big holidays. The two pictures above are my father Michel Laroche and daughter Angelie – doing their favorite thing: skipping rocks and laughing together on his boat. The top right one is of my husband Carlos and our daughter Angelie having fun.”

Nancy Kenwood, Administrative Assistant

Nancy Kenwood’s husband, dad and son.

“I love this photo of my three favourite Dads. My husband on the left (Dad to 2.5 kids), my Dad in the middle (Dad to 5 and Poppa to 8 grandchildren) and my son who is now a Dad to my grandson (2.5 years old). This photo was taken about ten years ago, sadly we lost my Dad last year. These men are strong and fiercely loyal and the glue that holds the family together. My Favourite Dads.”

Sierra Bilodeau, Registered Practical Nurse

Sierra Bilodeau with her father.

“My Dad has always been my biggest hero and supporter. He’s the biggest goof with the largest and most helpful and kindest heart! He is the hardest working man I have ever met and never gives up on anything. Ever. I would not be able to be the person I am today and the wonderful nurse I strive to be everyday without his constant love and support. I love my dad so much and he really deserves nothing but all the appreciation and rest in the world for all of his hard work and dedication to his family and everyone around him! I just love my Dad!! Happy Father’s Day!”

Stella Kibuh, Registered Nurse

Stella Kibuh with her father.

“I know I can’t feel your touch again but I see you everyday in my dreams and in every action of my life because you made me the lady I am today. Words can’t express my gratitude and love for you. Happy Father’s Day in heaven my Daddy the BEST.”

Paula Gordon, Intensive Care Unit

Paula Gordon with her father.

“Proud dad of 4 daughter and 10 grandchildren. Enjoying spring days at the cottage”