Leave a Legacy or Bequest

Your Legacy will help QCH provide exemplary care for generations to come.

The generosity of people like you has helped make this hospital what it is today.  With a gift in your will you can help ensure QCH continues to provide the best of modern medicine for future generations too.

Thank you Ernest and Annie, for leaving a Legacy to QCHWhy are these nurses smiling?

They’re smiling because of a gift Annie Bradley left in her Will for the training of staff at Queensway Carleton Hospital.
As a retired school teacher, Annie knew that high quality patient care was only possible when staff were constantly learning, and keeping up-to-date with the latest research and best practices.

There’s no government funding for advanced training, and for some staff, the cost of courses and workshops can be a real financial burden.  That’s why, after planning gifts in her Will for family and loved ones, Annie chose to leave a portion of what was left for Queensway Carleton Hospital.
Her gift is still helping staff – and patients – today! Last year, thanks to Annie’s bequest, ten nurses were able to update their skills through courses in Critical Care Nursing, Fracture Management, Perioperative Nursing and Geriatrics.

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