Tom Schonberg Park

The new Tom Schonberg Park sign

We are pleased and honoured to announce that Tom Schonberg, our late and beloved QCH President & CEO, has been recognized for his extensive and outstanding service in our community, with a newly developed park on Cedarhill Drive, named the ‘Tom Schonberg Park’.

Special thanks to Ene Schonberg, Tom Moss and City Councillor Jan Harder for their extensive work to make this recognition a reality.  

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to have an appropriate celebration just now, however, we hope to do so in the new year.

Recently, the park nominators, Ene Schonberg, Tom Moss and Jan Harder, were at the park for a few photos.

Thank you to Jan Harder’s staff member Mark who put together this beautiful tribute video for the opening of the park.