The Spirit of C4

Sean Greene, QCH Environmental Services.

Read this heartwarming letter from Dana, QCH Foundation Champion of Care donor, highlighting how Sean made her weeklong stay at QCH much easier:

I suppose Sean’s ‘formal title’ is ‘Environmental Services’ but his real title should be ‘the spirit of C4’. 

I was a patient on C4 and had the delight of Sean’s visits to my room every day as part of his regular work. That in itself was outstanding — and given I was in Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) for a very angry appendix which in turn got all of its abdominal neighbours involved…

However, the real meaning of Sean is his fundamentally positive, collaborative, and caring approach to every single thing, and he went way beyond what is likely his ‘formal’ job description.

Here is just a small slice of what I experienced with Sean: 

Your frightened loved one (my son) need help finding you on the floor? Sean.

Patient need help finding the iPhone dropped somewhere under the bed (more than once…)? Sean.

Patient (my roommate) need help being lifted back and forth from chair to bed? Sean.

Nurses need a helpful reminder to turn on the air in the new airbed for a bedridden patient (my roommate)? Sean wrote that on the patient whiteboard. 

Patient (me) needs a little more hope that she’ll feel better tomorrow?  Sean.

Patient needs a good laugh daily with a running (feeble) joke?  Sean.

Colleague who comes in on their day off as was needed on C4?  Sean… so the running feeble joke didn’t miss a single day!

You get the idea. There were so many good things about being a patient on C4… I wanted to make a special point of spotlighting Sean’s fundamental contribution to the C4 team and to their patients.

Thank you Sean for making that difficult week that much easier and that much more fun too.

Fond regards,



Thank you Dana for your generous donation and amazing message. And congratulations Sean on your wonderful and well deserved Champion of Care recognition.

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