Thank you from Ann

Ann was a patient at QCH and at the Fairfield Inn for several months this year. She was so touched by the amazing care she received at QCH, she decided to send a letter to thank the entire hospital team:

I was in your hospital from January to April of this year, and I wanted to give a thank you for the wonderful care I received. I spent time in the actual hospital, also at the Fairfield Hotel.

I met some real kind, supportive, and dedicated nurses, too many to name them all. I do recall three of the nurses at the Fairfield Inn whom I will remember for a long time: Areta, Karim and Rachel. From the OT department I remember Kimba and Marie-Eve, who were both particularly supportive after my good friend passed away at QCH.

At QCH I had excellent help from the Rehab staff, especially Michelle who worked to find me a suitable walker, also Dr. Huq who informed me of exactly how things were with my bones. I will always be grateful to them. Not to forget Dr. Dana on Rehab, sorry I am not able to recall the last name.

I want to say thank you also to Food Services (who made very good meals by the way) and the janitorial staff, especially Mike at Fairfield Inn, who truly did an excellent job of keeping the rooms and corridors clean.

I know that everyone working in our hospitals are having a really hard time right now, but I remember you in all my prayers. 

Take care and stay safe,

Ann P


Thank you Ann for your generous gift in support of our hospital.

At QCH, you have the opportunity to recognize and show appreciation when a member of our team has provided exceptional care, by making a donation in honour of the care received. When you make a Champion of Care donation you can send a personal message of thanks that will be shared with your Champion. They will also receive a special pin to wear with pride. Your gift not only shows your appreciation, your support will ensure our QCH team continues to have the equipment and tools they need to care for you, your family, friends and our entire community.