Tens of thousands of patients rely on Queensway Carleton Hospital’s surgical teams each year, from simple diagnostic procedures to life-saving emergency care. With one of Ottawa’s busiest emergency departments and our regionally renowned Total Joint Assessment Clinic (TJAC), our services are in demand now, more than ever.
To ensure we meet this growing need, and continue to advance surgery and patient care for our community, it is essential that we have the best and latest surgical equipment. This is why we are calling on you to help us upgrade our 11 surgical suites. Your generosity is key to improving outcomes for every patient.

Our surgical suites are located in the Garrett Family Surgical Centre, the most up-to-date wing of our hospital, however, our operating equipment requires upgrading.
We need to revitalize our operating rooms with new overhead booms, lighting, cabling and monitors. Our surgical teams need new equipment, such as surgical tables, scopes, and operating tools.
These upgrades will provide the best resolution for camera assisted surgeries, and allow us to continue to take advantage of newer and better technologies. These advances will help us attract and retain the best and brightest surgical talent. And, new equipment combined with new technologies will allow for improved and added services that reduce patient wait times, build capacity, and most importantly, improve outcomes for our patients.
With your generous support we will continue to advance surgery and patient care at Queensway Carleton Hospital, to save even more lives.