“Sue is the definition of a Champion of Care”

Logan calls February 27, 2020, one of the worst days of her life.

After being involved in a head-on motor collision with her brother and her dog, Beau, they were transported to Queensway Carleton Hospital’s (QCH) Emergency Department (ED) where they met Sue Pickard, an ED Registered Nurse (RN).   

Logan and her dog, Beau.

Logan and her brother are the only family each other have in Ottawa, so when they were separated upon arriving at QCH to be rushed for testing, they were terrified.

“Thankfully, Sue was on shift,” says Logan.

While awaiting their test results, Sue allowed the family and Beau, who was also injured, to share the same room so that they could be together.

Sue ensured they had water and lots of blankets, said Logan. She went so far as to get a bowl of water, crackers and peanut butter for their dog, Beau. When Beau was bleeding from his injury, Sue grabbed supplies to help control the bleeding. She was constantly checking up on the trio, making sure they were comfortable. Logan describes Sue as their ‘hospital mom’.

Over the last year while Logan healed from her injuries, she has constantly thought about the amazing care Sue provided to her. On the one-year anniversary of the collision, Logan made a donation to QCH Foundation in honour of Sue, and nominated her as Champion of Care.

Sue Pickard, QCH Emergency Department Registered Nurse.

“Sue’s world-class patient care will forever be remembered on one of the worst days of my life,” says Logan. “Sue is the definition of a Champion of Care.”

Logan, above all, reiterated that she nominated Sue as a Champion of Care to remind our QCH team that their actions, words, selfless efforts, and personal sacrifices are seen and heard, and are making a huge difference to their patient’s lives each and every day.

“I do what I do because I love it, not for the recognition. I signed up for this, well maybe not a pandemic but here we all are. I try to give one hundred percent to my patients as if they were my family, but I couldn’t do what I do without my amazing ED team. We are a family and our family will look after your family. Your thank you is not necessary, it’s appreciated,” says Sue.

Congratulations to Sue, to all our ED nurses and ED team, and to our entire QCH team for providing exceptional care, ongoing compassion, and for all those acts of kindness that don’t go unnoticed.


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