Served with Care

According to Bill McCutcheon, he’s one of the luckiest people at Queensway Carleton Hospital. Bill has been a volunteer at QCH since 2001, and in his position he’s met many incredible people here. From patients, to staff, and his fellow volunteers – he’s seen a little bit of everything, and relishes the role he plays at the hospital.

As for the luckiest person here? Well, he’s got an easy explanation for that opinion: “I don’t need medical treatment, they don’t have to pay me to be here, and I don’t have a relative here I’m really concerned about,” he smiled.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, however, that Bill realized there was a way he could give back to the staff at QCH who he sees going above-and-beyond every day through the QCH Foundation Champion of Care program. Since then he’s been recognizing staff and units in the hopes of giving them even a fraction of the joy they bring their patients.

But that doesn’t mean he’s just focusing on the front-line caregivers.

“I would imagine that the doctors and nursing staff get more recognition since, frankly that’s what people are here for,” Bill explained.

So he wanted to make sure that the recognition extended to hospital staff who are oft en overlooked, but still play an undeniably important role in the everyday lives of the patients here.

“With food services, because they’re often overlooked compared to the health units, (but) every time I’ve talked to them they’re so helpful, cheerful,” he answered when asked why he chose to honour the Food Services team as Champions of Care. “And in the last few years it appears the patients are a lot happier with their food. It seems logical, because food is such a big thing for the patients.

“I see people in the hospital (for extended stays), and they might get a visitor for an hour or two a day, but I think people look forward to food.”

Last year Bill also recognized A3 – Medicine. He wanted to make sure that the doctors and nurses he saw working with patients on the unit understood how appreciative the patients were for their care, and the extra time they took to make sure they were comfortable, happy and heard. But recognizing the entire unit also allowed him to highlight some of the more under-the-radar staff there as well.

“It’s not just the nurses and doctors, but the personal care aides (PCA), ACC, cleaners (EVS), and everybody who works there,” Bill stressed. “I think as a group they’re just fantastic, so I just thought ‘well, why shouldn’t I say something?’”

And when donors, like Bill, recognize staff through Champion of Care, it’s much more than a donation to the Foundation – it’s a visible gift of appreciation to QCH staff.

“Champion of Care gives us an opportunity to celebrate each other and our accomplishments,” said Carmen Sanchez, the Clinical Nurse Manager on A3. “It helps to motivate us to continue to provide great care, and the plaques allow us to showcase the quality care we provide.

“And more importantly, it makes staff happy and allows them to feel good about that quality of care they provide.”

Bill intends to continue volunteering at QCH, and why not, when he’s got so much good cheer to give to the patients?

“I’ve got a captive audience,” Bill laughed. “One of my daughters says that my corny sense of humour is a great thing here.