Changing Their Focus: Redeployed Nurses

With so many changes, closures and new clinical areas opening up both inside and outside of the hospital, many of our Nurses have faced another change: redeployment.

Staff across the hospital, including many nurses, have been redeployed to different tasks.

Be it helping staff the West COVID-19 Care Clinic, caring for patients at the Fairfield Inn ALC unit, volunteering to care for the elderly in long term care homes, or having their own unit transform into another kind of care, our Nurses have been learning new skills, getting used to new – or changed – environments, and working with new people.

It can be compared to starting a new job – while in the middle of COVID-19 no less.

Since March, Nurses working in many different areas have changed their focus to help our hospital better care for the community.

Here is a sample of the new roles our Nurses have taken on during COVID:

  • Nurses in our ACE (Acute Care of the Elderly) unit caring for COVID-19 patients

  • OR Nurses working at the West COVID-19 Care Centre

  • C3 Nurses staffing our Fairfield ALC unit

  • Our ACE Nurse Manager now manages our long term care group

  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Nurses pivoting from acute care to aiding in long term care homes

  • Emergency Department Nurses primarily caring for COVID-19 patients

  • PACU Nurses caring for ICU patients

  • Nursing Educators supporting Nurses who are learning new skills, like our PACU Nurses

  • Geriatric Day Hospital Nurses assisting in both screening and inpatient units

  • Our Surgery Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) aids IPAC at the West COVID-19 Care Centre

  • Our Orthopedics Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) completely changing all in-person clinics to virtual clinics

  • Our Chronic Disease Management Program APN Nurse performing virtual outpatient clinics and telemedicine to aid patients with heart or lung conditions and diabetes

There are plenty of other roles our Nurses have taken on, and we are so fortunate to have such a caring, compassionate group of individuals who are consistently showing their dedication for our community.