A Story from a COVID-19 Survivor

“But I actually beat it. I’m finally home.”

Ralph’s story is a positive one and he eventually returned home to his wife of 30 years, Diane. In an interview with CTV news, Diane embraces him tightly in a hug. The reporter asked him what he missed the most. His answer? Cuddling.

“My weeks on the ventilator were very scary for everybody. My heart flatlined three times. My family had no idea if I was ever going to wake up again.” Ralph explained. 

Ralph was connected to a ventilator for 16 days. His kidneys also started to fail and he was put on dialysis. But it wasn’t working; instead of his blood thinning it started to clog, so doctors decided to stop dialysis. Once it was discontinued, Ralph’s condition started to improve.

“They just decided to take me off it. We were all shocked when my body started to heal. My kidneys and my blood pressure and my heart all started to get better. And then they removed the ventilator. I was finally able to breathe on my own again.” Field said.

Ralph and Diane are happy he has returned home and are in good spirits about the whole experience.

“I will never forget what it felt like to have an emergency doctor at my door, telling me how unbelievable it was for me to still be here. The doctor told me: This is why we do what we do.”

This is the message Ralph leaves to frontline staff:

“To the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) team that saved my life: you are real life heroes. If not for these women and men, I wouldn’t be here today to share this story. I am so filled with gratitude.” 

Ralph Field with his healthcare dream team