QCH couple shares their unique experience

Married for 63 years, Charles and Margaret Knight were admitted to the Queensway Carleton Hospital just days apart.

“When my wife came to the Emergency Department, staff started thinking of ways to keep us together if she were to be admitted the next day. The next morning, the decision was made in Emergency that she did need admitting. So, they simply moved the man in the bed beside me to the room beside us, and my wife was able to move into the room with me.”

Charles explains that he was initially transferred to a different unit but once Margaret was far enough advanced, she too followed shortly. “She was in a single bed for a while – a very nice room with a view down the hall so I would get one of the porters to push me over once a day to have a visit.” Thanks to QCH staff, Charles and Margaret shortly found themselves in the same room once again. “The staff had an understanding that in the history of QCH, we are the 4th couple to be admitted together in the same room.”

Ironically enough, Charles and Margaret were also with us on November 11th. “I did my career in the armed forces – mostly navy and I retired in 1990.” During his 32 years of service, Charles has gathered quite a collection of medals. “My granddaughter brought my medals in the day before Remembrance Day – she spread them all out on the bed for me. I did not want to bring a suit in and wear the medals as I normally would, so instead I displayed them beside me on my bed.”

Charles and Margaret laid the medals out in their room just before watching the Ottawa Remembrance Day Ceremony on TV with their families. “We put all my medals on a pillow and well … there they were – all my medals!”

“So I said two things are happening here: number 1 I’m here on Remembrance Day and number 2 I get to be here with my wife.”