QCH Foundation Focuses on Social Media Fundraising Campaign for the B2 Expansion

You may have seen on social media the incredible story of the act of kindness shown in our QCH Emergency Department by Ottawa Paramedic Tom Cholewa. Tom and his partner brought a 90-year-old patient with dementia to the QCH Emergency Department where she had to wait seven hours on a stretcher before being seen. Agitated, angry, upset, and confused, the patient wanted nothing more than to go home.  

Tom quickly recognized that the only way that seemed to calm her down while they waited for hours together, was by holding her hand. So, Tom immediately pulled up a chair, sat down beside her, and waited in the hallway with her until she was seen. This special and touching moment was captured by QCH shift supervisor, Nurse Kassandra Johnson. 

Hallway medicine is a reality at QCH. But with your generosity, we can change that.

It is not uncommon that patients will wait for hours upon arriving at the hospital before being seen, especially now more than ever, as COVID-19 has increased the demand of hospital services.  

Most days, QCH operates at or beyond capacity. With hundreds of patients being treated every day in our Emergency Department, those that require admission will wait for hours on a hallway gurney until an inpatient bed is available. 

QCH has an immediate need for additional space inside the hospital to ensure the needs of urgent care priorities are met at a critical time. With no government funding available to address hallway medicine, QCH Foundation is raising funds through the Building Space Between the Walls Campaign. Funds raised will be dedicated to the development of B2 – a comfortable, modern, fully-equipped space for 15 bed bays.

Along with a robust major gift campaign, the Foundation is hosting its first social fundraising campaign on our platforms. The campaign will run until mid-February – with all donations up to a maximum of $25,000 being matched by Yorkville Asset Management.

Building Space Between the Walls fundraising will cover the following for the B2 project: 

  • Headwalls 
  • Vital Signs Monitors 
  • Patient beds  
  • Hand washing stations 
  • Privacy walls and curtains 
  • A nursing station and medication room 


The new area will be located close to the Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging Department and Operating Rooms to improve patient flow for fast, efficient, and integrated care. 

We are so thankful to our amazing donors who will fund this important project so that our amazing QCH team can continue to provide the best possible care to our patients. 

Support from our very own QCH team is greatly appreciated too. If you see our upcoming posts on our QCH socials, please leave a comment, like and share the post! If you would like to make a donation to help Build Space Between Our Walls, you can do so here.