Honouring our Healthcare Champions

As Bruce lay in bed in Queensway Carleton Hospital’s (QCH) Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Unit, after being diagnosed with COVID-19, he worried about his wife, Margaret, at home on her own, recovering from the same virus.

Knowing that Dr. Brendan Quinn, Bruce’s friend and cardiologist, was checking in on Margaret helped put his mind at ease. 

“He would call me at the hospital often getting a hold of me while a nurse or doctor was in the room. I would put him on speaker and the medical staff was great in sharing what they knew with him. He was then able to speak with Margaret, update her on my condition and check in on her. The connection with QCH was always with both of us.”

Margaret was a pastoral care volunteer for ten years, and is looking forward to returning in that role as soon as the pandemic is under control. Familiar with the ACE Unit, she was grateful that her husband was there, being cared for by the QCH team.  

“Their competency, calm and caring (3 C’s) helped us both recover”, said Bruce.

Bruce and Margaret decided to recognize the great care they received at QCH by making a Champion of Care donation in honour of Doctors Varghese, Coté, Bustani and Potechin, who were all recently presented with Champion of Care pins.

“Our doctors were using the available global knowledge at the time and adjusting as needed. I never questioned their skill or competency… Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was in short supply, the pandemic was new, the directions from various governments kept changing, yet the doctors buffered and protected me from uncertainty. In retrospect, I can only marvel at how hard it must have been to stay so calm…and the doctors and medical staff listened and heard me… I was a patient who mattered. They represented the authentic, caring culture of QCH”, explained Bruce. 

“When we were doing our Christmas cards this year, we mentioned some of the things we are grateful for during these challenging times. One of the things we are most grateful for is that I was at QCH during COVID-19.”

At QCH, you have the opportunity to recognize and show appreciation when a member of our team has provided exceptional care by making a donation in honour of the care received. When you make a Champion of Care donation you can send a personal message of thanks that will be shared with your Champion. They will also receive a special pin to wear with pride. Your gift not only shows your appreciation, your support will ensure our QCH team continues to have the equipment and tools they need to care for you, your family, friends and our entire community.