Our Priorities

Advancing Care for All AgesAdvancing Care for All Ages is a $30 million fundraising campaign to enhance the delivery of care for patients of all ages at the Queensway Carleton Hospital.

With our construction projects nearing completion, we are now focusing our funding efforts on the important work that goes on inside our buildings. This includes:

Improving inpatient and emergency care for people who are living with mental illness. Visit our Hopes Rising Mental Health Campaign page

New and replacement state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and treat patients in our cornerstone programs, lowering wait times and improving patient experience and outcomes.

Including: New Mammography Technology for screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.

Efficiencies and improved outcomes through investment in technology and modernization.

Learn more about Advancing Care For All Ages Advancing Care for all Ages – Web (PDF)

Our priorities for Queensway Carleton Hospital fundraising are broken down as follows:


Patient Care – Mental Health Program

Patient Care – Childbirth Program

Patient care – Acute Care of the Elderly Unit   

Patient care – Equipment and Capital Priorities


Learning and Growth          



Emerging priorities                       

Facilities, training, technology funding as identified by QCH

In summary, our priorities are:

Leading the way in care for the frail elderly

Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Unit – Now open!

Improving the picture on patient care

Diagnostic Imaging technology

Integrated care that leads to better care

Technology, education and training

Supporting Centres of Excellence hospital-wide

Increased comfort and shorter recovery times for surgical patients

Transforming emergency care and quicker diagnosis

Improving care for at-risk mothers and their babies

In detail:

Leading the way in care for the frail elderly

Queensway Carleton Hospital already serves as a health care hub for one of the fastest aging populations in Canada by operating a geriatric day hospital, special clinics and rehabilitation services. With over 70% of the in-patients being over the age of 65 and with an average length of stay being double that of younger patients, implementing leading edge ways to care for an aging population has become a pressing priority. By establishing a new centre of excellence in acute care of the frail elderly, Queensway Carleton Hospital will address an urgent healthcare need, and serve as a best practice regional model for geriatric care.

Improving the picture on patient care

Each year over 140,000 diagnostic imaging exams are performed at Queensway Carleton Hospital on patients of all ages from west Ottawa and the Ottawa valley. With a rapidly growing and aging population and an increase in cases of cancer and other chronic diseases in our communities, the demand for these important healthcare services are expected to increase. These high-definition “pictures” are a critical part of speedy and accurate diagnosis of a wide variety of patient health issues and support virtually every department of the hospital including surgery, childbirth, cardiology, care of the elderly, emergency, rehabilitation, cancer and many more. Quite literally every one of these pictures tells the story of a patient’s health and leads to enhanced care delivery. Having the latest in diagnostic imaging technology available at Queensway Carleton Hospital is an important part of leading edge patient care and a key component in meeting the community healthcare needs. By investing in new diagnostic imaging technologies, equipment and systems, Queensway Carleton Hospital will reduce wait times as well as the time it takes to accurately diagnose patients of all ages. Quicker and more accurate diagnoses will ease patient and family worries, improve treatment for cancer and other conditions, lead to less invasive surgical procedures and much more. It will also allow dedicated staff and community healthcare partners to raise patient care to a higher level.

Integrated care that leads to better care

Strategic investments in technology, education and training will lead to enhanced levels of integrated care not only throughout Queensway Carleton Hospital but also across the local healthcare community. These patient-centered investments will help Queensway Carleton Hospital optimize limited operating funds by streamlining the delivery of leading-edge care that will be more responsive, efficient and patient focused.

Increased comfort and shorter recovery times for surgical patients

Virtually every patient requiring surgery at Queensway Carleton Hospital will benefit from an investment in surgical equipment, facilities and technology that will dramatically increase the ability to perform more precise and less invasive surgical procedures. As a result surgical capacity will increase, wait times will decrease and patients will recover faster and be able to go home sooner.

Transforming emergency care for over 70,000 patients of all ages

Queensway Carleton Hospital operates the busiest Emergency Department in the Ottawa region with over 72,000 patients arriving for treatment annually. More than half the patients who arrive at Emergency with injuries or in distress are either under the age of 18 or over the age of 65. Strategic investments in technology and training will lead to quicker diagnosis in the Emergency Department, improved patient experiences and incorporate a new rapid response program that will enable patients to be seen and receive treatment faster.

Improving care for at-risk mothers and their babies.

Every year almost 2,500 babies are born at the Queensway Carleton Hospital including many where the health of the mother or child may be at risk either before or after birth. By investing in new wireless pre and post-natal monitoring technologies, Queensway Carleton Hospital will be dramatically expanding the level and quality of care for all mothers and infants but in particular for those who may be at risk.