Mammography at QCH – Brenda’s story

In 2015, Brenda noticed a bump on the inside of her underarm that had grown larger, and it was painful.

“I came to Queensway Carleton Hospital for a mammogram, and then followed up with an ultrasound. The technician was great, and I didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. It was only a few days between my initial appointment and receiving the results. I tried not to worry, and I kept myself occupied. The doctor gave me the diagnosis, and I was told I had breast cancer. I thought to myself, how am I going to handle this? I don’t have time. I wanted to do a half iron-man in June; I don’t have time to be sick. I realized it was important to move forward with the treatment plan seriously in order to move forward in my life.”

Thanks to mammography detection
, Brenda’s cancer was diagnosed at a low-stage, reducing the potential for the cancer to spread elsewhere in her body.



They found it under the breast, when I initially thought it was my arm that was the issue. Because of early detection, I was able to recover quickly and move forward in my life. Without detection, it could have been 6 months – 2 years before my next mammogram and proper diagnosis.”


Brenda was determined to achieve her goal and finish the half iron-man. She set out a plan, and continued training throughout treatment, with the supervision of her healthcare team.

“Queensway Carleton Hospital is my neighborhood hospital. The staff were wonderful; they were calm and reassuring. I just felt like it was so easy. I’m really lucky that they caught it early. I was determined to beat this. I was diagnosed in February. Through March and April, I received 16 rounds of chemo therapy. I knew I had the strength in my mind and body. I understood what my body was capable of, and in June, I completed the half iron-man.”


For Brenda, early detection and diagnosis through mammography screening resulted in a shorter recovery time, and an increased chance of a full recovery to health.


With your support of our mammography campaign, QCH will purchase a new and up to date mammography machine for clearer, improved imaging, decreasing the number of false positive results, earlier detection of breast cancer, faster and more accurate breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and to serve the tens of thousands of women (and men) every year who require breast cancer screening, detection, emergency diagnostics, and post-treatment follow-up.


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