Interview with Nishith Goel

If you ever want to be inspired as a volunteer fundraiser, just sit down with Nishith Goel for fifteen minutes. Nishith’s passion for encouraging the hi-tech community, Southeast Asian community and anyone he meets in giving back is genuine and moving. He and his wife Nita can be seen at events all over Ottawa, sponsoring charities and giving positive advice to young people wanting to get involved.

 How did you get involved with the Hospital Foundation and who recruited you?

I was invited to lunch with Mary Pitt, the former Mayor of Nepean and Chair of QCH at the time, and she asked me to get involved with the organization.

Why is the hospital important to the west end?

That is simple. The hospital is important because the population in the west end is growing and it’s the only primary care facility in the area.

What other volunteering do you do?

I am a chair for the Center of Excellence for Power Electronics at Queens University and board member for both the CHEO hospital and Canada India Center of Excellence at Carleton University.

Asking for a donation is not easy, why do you it?

Asking for a donation is not something that comes naturally to me but it’s easy to explain to people the need for organizations like QCH. It’s a lot easier when people understand the benefit to their community.

What is the best part of the fundraising process for you? Making the request, saying thank you or something else?

The best part of fundraising is networking, meeting new people and building relationships with individuals and organizations that have shared goals.

Is there one thing that is consistent about the people you’ve worked with who are donors and/or volunteers for QCH?

Donors and volunteers are consistently appreciative of the service and staff at QCH, as well as the professional and friendly environment that they provide.

What is it about QCH that makes people want to give major donations?

There’s a sense of pride about our community and people feel as though QCH is their hospital. There is also an understanding of the need and urgency for donations in order for the community to have continued access to this world-class facility.

What is one piece of advice you would have to newer fundraising volunteers?

Volunteer for what you’re passionate about! People give and participate because they believe in the cause and it’s important for the fundraising volunteers to be genuine.