Equipment Needs

QCH Equipment Needs

We are raising funds to purchase much needed equipment for Queensway Carleton Hospital to meet the healthcare needs in our community.

 How are hospital equipment needs identified and funded?

An equipment replacement and purchasing plan is an important part of every hospital’s budgeting and planning process. Old and out-dated equipment that must be replaced, along with the latest tools for state-of-the-art patient care, are identified through a rigorous process in consultation with hospital staff and administration.

In September each year, every department at the Queensway Carleton Hospital is asked to identify, and submit for consideration, a list of top equipment needs, with strong rationale for each item to be replaced, and each new piece to be purchased.

Beginning in October, the entire list – which always numbers hundreds of items, and costs millions of dollars – is carefully reviewed and ranked by various hospital committees.  Ranking takes into consideration how urgently the equipment is needed; the number of patients that will benefit; the impact a piece of equipment will have on new or expanded programs or services; how it will improve patient comfort or safety; how it might affect wait times; and the role it will play in helping the hospital attract and retain top medical talent…to name just a few criteria.

The ranking process is often lively and impassioned, because the best possible patient care lies at the heart of these discussions.

Many people are surprised to learn that although the provincial government provides funding for the operation and maintenance of our hospital’s equipment once it has been secured, the entire cost of purchasing equipment in the first place must be raised from our community through donations to the QCH Foundation.

And so, once the highest equipment priorities have been identified by hospital staff, the Foundation Board agrees to the amount that will be sought from the donor community in the next fiscal year (April to March).

Please contact us at or 613-721-4731 if you are interested in funding a piece of equipment.