Let’s Celebrate our Nurses


In celebration of our QCH nurses and healthcare team, we are asking you to support Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) and help save lives in our community by making a donation to our hospital. Thanks to an anonymous donor all donations will be matched up to $30,000, which means your gift will go twice as far!

This special offer means every dollar you donate will be matched. Your gift of $45 will become $90, a donation of $75 will grow to $150, and a donation of $110 will transform into $220 to help our nurses and healthcare team save lives.

Your donation will help purchase hospital equipment that is essential for the life-saving work our nurses and healthcare team do every day and will have double the impact on QCH’s highest priority needs.

We could not provide the extraordinary care that we do without our incredibly talented team of nurses and we want to acknowledge their expertise and the extraordinary service they provide to our patients and our entire community.