QCH’s brand new 3D mammography machine is here!

Sandra Jones-Spurr, QCH Mammography Team Leader, alongside our brand new machine.

Just as Breast Cancer Awareness Month launches, we have some great news to share with you – our new mammography machine has arrived at QCH and is already in use scanning patients.

This new 3D machine is going to have a huge impact on women in our community. Not only will it help meet the increasing demand for mammograms, it will help decrease false positive results and recalls, and detect smaller tumors earlier. This new machine will truly help save more lives!

The new unit is a “game changer” for many patients, explains Sandra Jones-Spurr, QCH Mammography Team Leader. As the machine is a better diagnostic tool, patients can now be scanned thoroughly on their first scan and avoid any further recalls or ultrasounds, which will lead to earlier breast cancer diagnosis and better outcomes.

The new unit has many features that not only allow for better scanning capabilities and higher quality images, but improved patient comfort as well.

The machine’s curved corners and thinner edges allow for more patient comfort, and higher quality images, because patients can get closer to the machine. Plus, the machine has a special remote that allows patients to manage their own compression during their mammogram. “The patient has the remote in their hand and they have the ability to stop the compression when they have had enough. This gives some patients, especially those with anxiety, the comfort to know that they have control, which is such a nice feature. From the patients that we have already seen it’s been a great experience and people have noticed the added comfort”, says Stacey Willis, QCH Mammography Team Leader Trainee.

This has all been made possible by you, our generous donors. Thanks to you, our Foundation was able to raise $800,000 to purchase this new mammography machine.

“I wanted to support the campaign. I toured the mammography area and was so impressed by the work being done, and the great need for equipment. QCH is a leader in healthcare in Ottawa, and I have felt firsthand the care and personal support each member of the QCH team gives to every patient, and I am so happy to support this care in some small way.”

Deborah Bourchier, QCH Foundation mammography campaign donor, and former Foundation Board Chair

QCH’s older mammography machine was nearly at the end of it’s useful life, and as government funding for QCH does not cover equipment purchases, QCH’s mammography screening and diagnostic services were at risk of slowing down and eventually ceasing. Thankfully our amazing community of supporters came through, and now thousands of patients will continue to have the best possible care and equipment at hand, as well as access to more accurate breast cancer screening.

“It’s just an amazing machine and our donors’ support is greatly appreciated, because patients are getting top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art mammograms now”, says Sandra.

We are so grateful to everyone who supported our mammography campaign. Thanks to you many more women in our community will get the care they need to survive breast cancer. Thank you!


Cancer Care at QCH:

QCH performs over 7,500 mammograms annually (25 exams a day). Most of these are screening exams that are part of the Ontario Breast Screening Program. Our overall volume has increased and as a result our screening program now runs 6 full days per week. The QCH program provides a full spectrum of care including screening, diagnostic workups for pre- and post-cancer patients, as well as surgical procedures. Our program is accredited and recognized. Additionally, we perform mammography workups for all other local screening centres.

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