QCH COVID-19 Screeners

When the pandemic began in the spring, this incredible handful of people knew they wanted to help make a difference at Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) and be a part of the team combating the virus. 

Each of these individuals are a part of our COVID-19 screening team. They hold an integral role in ensuring that all visitors, staff and care partners enter and depart our hospital safely to keep our patients and community safe. 

The team shared their stories of their previous roles before joining QCH and what motivated them to join a hospital team during a pandemic.

Milena Shiferwa

“Prior to joining the Queensway, I was working as a security analyst for an American live stream platform. Having to work full time from home for many years, I began to realize that I missed working away from home. Consequently, I joined QCH. Being a screener is definitely something I never thought I would do, let alone enjoy doing. The fact that I am surrounded by a great team, and have remarkable co-workers, makes the screening job fun and exciting. And as a team we are undoubtedly stronger, successful and COVID-19-free.”

Paige Dalley

“Before joining the QCH screening team I was finishing my degree in Medical Biotechnology abroad in Ireland. I then spent the remainder of the summer with family in Sweden. I decided to become a screener in the hospital during the pandemic as I really wanted to join the fight against COVID-19 and protect the community. It’s extremely heartwarming when patients appreciate the work we are doing as screeners to keep everyone, staff and patients included, entering the hospital safely. One quirky fact about me is that I am a two-time Ontario Provincial Women’s Lacrosse Champion.”

Martine Leduc

“Before working at QCH as a screener, I was a flight attendant for 9 years. Due to COVID-19, the airline industry had to furlough their employees. I saw an opportunity to join the QCH team and help do my part during these uncertain times. Helping people put their mind at ease when they come to the hospital makes it all worth it! One random fact about me is my love for hedgehogs.”

Jennifer Landreau

“After six years I was laid off from Rogers. I wanted to work at the hospital during the pandemic because this was the time to go after my dreams. Eventually I would love to be an Administrative Control Clerk (ACC) in the hospital. In 2013, I went to College Office Administration-Executive training when I was 35, after an accident inspired me to go after my career goals. Now, six years later, it would be great for my kids to see that you can do anything you set your mind to. What I like about screening is interacting with the staff, patients and care partners. One thing to know about me is I am a holiday fanatic. I love decorating and spoiling my family especially on Christmas.”

Gerry Huynh

“Before screening, I volunteered at QCH for almost four years as a friendly visitor for inpatients. With the pandemic, this visitation was suspended, but I wanted to continue helping the hospital and our community in other ways. Screening was the perfect opportunity. What I enjoy most about this is the opportunity to see “both sides of the same coin” by interacting with incoming patients/visitors as well as staff from various departments. I also love working with my fellow screeners! It has been an absolute pleasure and joy to work with everyone on the team. Although, no one has seen my face yet.”

Ginette Blier

“Before becoming a COVID-19 screener I had my own business and Massage Therapy career of 23 years. I loved learning and pursued advanced courses in many modalities. I applied to work at QCH because hospitals never close. What I like most about screening is the people. QCH employs some really dedicated and caring people in all departments — I witness this daily. Our team of screeners and our managers are an amazing, versatile and supportive group from all career backgrounds. The volunteers are very special people who devote their own time and hearts to make the patients’ (and staff’s) day better. The patients are kind and express their thanks to us for doing our part in keeping everyone safe. I am grateful to be part of such a great team. A quirky fact about me: I love doing Turkish Get-Ups.”