Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of including a gift in my will for Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation?

Good healthcare is a priceless gift. With a gift in your will for Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation you’ll be making a lasting impact on healthcare for everyone in our community. It’s a gift that will touch many lives, perhaps, one day, the lives of those you leave behind.

With a sentence or two in your will you can leave a fraction of your estate, a specific amount of cash, securities or another asset without impacting your current financial situation.

At the end of your life, your home, car, bank accounts, investments, household goods, personal effects and other assets will become part of your estate. With as little as 1 share or 1% of the value of your estate, you may be able to leave a gift that amounts to more than you could afford during your lifetime. When received by the hospital, your gift may improve patient care at Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation in ways you could never imagine.

A gift in your will also has practical advantages. The charitable donation tax receipt that QCH Foundation will issue for your gift can be used for tax credits to offset taxes on your final tax returns or your estate. This may increase the amount available for other beneficiaries named in your will.

What if I change my mind, and want to remove or change my gift?

You can update or change your will at any time. If your will no longer reflects your wishes or your personal or financial circumstances, talk to your lawyer about updating it to meet your needs.

Can I specify how my gift will be used?

Yes, you can designate the gift in your will for a specific department or type of patient care. Please contact Nadine Fowler at or 613-721-4700 ext 5609 to discuss your wishes and wording for your will.

If you decide to leave a general or unrestricted gift it will be used when and where needed most. This allows the hospital to use your contribution to respond to the urgent or changing healthcare needs of our community.


Need more information? 

Please contact Nadine Fowler, Vice President, Philanthropy, Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation at , 613.721.4700 ext. 5609.