Honouring Our QCH Nurses

Kent Wallace, Registered Practical Nurse & Champion of Care.

It’s National Nursing Week in Canada, and our entire Hospital and Foundation are celebrating our amazing Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) nursing team. 

Nurses are some of the most caring and compassionate individuals to walk the earth – and who would quite literally give you the shirt off their back – or in some cases the shoes off their feet.

Meet Kent Wallace. He’s a Registered Practical Nurse with QCH working at the offsite Alternate Level of Care (ALC) unit in the Fairfield Hotel in Kanata. Recently, while Kent was helping discharge a patient, he became aware that the patient was experiencing some discomfort and blistering, caused by shoes that did not fit properly. Kent wanted to be sure the patient was able to go home in comfort and continue with the recovery process without issue – and that’s when he remembered a spare pair of running shoes he had in his locker. And as luck would have it – the shoes were a perfect fit!

Without thinking twice, he selflessly gifted his running shoes to the patient to wear home.

Witnessing this extraordinary act of kindness, Kent’s colleagues quickly applauded his generosity – and went one step further by recognizing him as a Champion of Care.

Kent is just one example of our amazing QCH nursing team who each and everyday go above and beyond to provide the best possible care to our patients. The skill, expertise and compassion they bring to the bedside not only helps to save lives, but also supports our patients and their families in so many other ways.

In celebration of National Nursing Week, please consider honouring a QCH nurse as a Champion of Care by making a donation in their honour to QCH Foundation. 

When you make a donation, your Champion will be notified of the gift and will receive your personal message along with a commemorative pin to wear with pride, 

Your gift showcases your appreciation and also helps enhance patient care at QCH.