More than a hospital: Jenn’s survivor story

Breast cancer is not usually top of mind for a young, active woman in her 30s. But just six years after she lost her mother to breast cancer, Jenn was diagnosed with the same disease.

It was in 2015 that Jenn had her first mammogram and initial needle biopsy, when doctors told her the cancer was at stage 0. Based on her diagnosis, Jenn opted for a double mastectomy procedure.

“It’s a very personal decision, every woman approaches it differently,” Jenn explained.

Through the surgery, Jenn learned the cancer had spread. Decisions began to mount. And time in hospital, along with it.

It’s then that QCH and the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre became something more.

“I felt comfortable here,” Jenn shared.“And it was close to home, which we didn’t even realize would be part of the convenience factor until you have to come to the hospital every single day.”

For Jenn, the biggest impact came in unexpected way. It was the little things.

With cancer now behind her, Jenn shares a new story. “One of the reasons I am passionate about the new mammography machine is because I am younger; none of my friends are being screened yet. This is the machine that will be testing my friends in the future.”

For Jenn, QCH became more than a hospital. No matter your story, QCH strives to be more than a hospital for you too.

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