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Life in one of the city’s busiest Emergency Department
Dr. Bhaskar Gopalan completed a residency placement in the Emergency Department at Queensway Carleton Hospital in 2006 and knew it was the place for him. “I fell in love with it – the culture, the people, and the supportive nursing staff.” And, of course, that surge of adrenalin.
He joined the team a year later and became Chief in 2015. “You have no idea what is coming next,” he explains. “Each patient is unique and needs to be treated that way. I love the complexity of the cases and working with like-minded professionals who value the benefit of teamwork.”
“I was terrified”

Stephanie Emard’s husband knew it wasn’t a good sign when he was told his wife was the sickest person in the hospital that day. Perhaps thankfully, Stephanie was too sick to realize it herself.
“It was a typical busy day,” Stephanie remembers. “I was at my son’s hockey game and started having chills and stomach cramps. I never get sick and I just thought it was the stomach flu.”
But two days later, things were much worse, and Stephanie’s husband rushed her to the Queensway Carleton Hospital’s Emergency Department. It was here that her whirlwind experience began.
More than a hospital: Jenn’s survivor story
Breast cancer is not usually top of mind for a young, active woman in her 30’s. But just six years after she lost her mother to breast cancer, Jenn was diagnosed with the same disease.
It was in 2015 that Jenn had her first mammogram and initial needle biopsy, when doctors told her the cancer was at stage 0. Based on her diagnosis, Jenn opted for a double mastectomy procedure.
“It’s a very personal decision, every woman approaches it differently,” Jenn explained.
Let’s talk mental health

To say that mental health struggles were unexpected for Penny Osborne would be an understatement.
“I think I’m a good example of how mental illness just doesn’t care,” she explains. “And I think people always think that it’s not going to happen to them, that you need to have something intrinsically wrong – but you really don’t.”
The importance of giving back 

Since she was a young girl, Rishika Aggarwal has been taught the importance of giving back. Her parents have set the example, encouraging Rishika and her two sisters to help others around them and support their community. That commitment extends to local health care and Queensway Carleton Hospital as well.
Born and raised in Barrhaven, Rishika’s connections to Queensway Carleton Hospital are many. Early on in high school, she decided she might want to be a doctor, so she shadowed Dr. Andrew Falconer for a day in Emergency.
Newsweek names QCH top hospital in region

“I’m privileged to have been able to come to work every day and be the best I can be; and I believe our successes can be attributed to the great team of healthcare professionals I work with every day at QCH.”



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