Giving thanks to excellence in surgical care

Susan Prior counts Friday the 13th as one of her luckiest days. It was on Friday, November 13, 2020 that she was wheeled into an operating room (OR) at QCH to have her second knee replacement surgery by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mark Charles.

For years, Susan had coped with the constant pain and reduced mobility due to her knee. She tried to manage the situation with medication, injections and exercise, but by the end of last summer even short walks and simple daily activities were becoming impossible to navigate. After the surgery she was able to retire her walker and get back to her regular routine. Today, with every step she takes she is grateful to the surgical team for their efforts in helping her walk with confidence again.

“I went to see my podiatrist after the surgery and he told me I looked ten years younger. I’m sure he was talking about my feet, but I know I was smiling more because I was no longer in pain. Now I can walk, go uphill and get back to things that are important to me.”

Susan Prior, QCH Foundation donor and Women In Philanthropy member taking a stroll with Monte, prior to her knee replacement.

Sue credits her regained mobility and strength to the excellent surgical care she received at QCH, not only for her two knee replacements, but for the investigation of a possible heart attack, removing her gallbladder, and finding her late husbands’ blocked aorta.

“My gallbladder surgery was laparoscopic day surgery. I had no pain and I have no scars. My surgeon, Dr. Winckel, was excellent.”

Susan knows that it takes state-of-the-art equipment and modern operating theatres to attract and retain the best surgical professionals. That’s why, long before she needed surgery herself, she and her late husband, Jack, became donors to QCH Foundation. Building on the contributions they made together, Susan has made gifts as a member of our Women In Philanthropy giving circle, as well as other special donations for hospital priorities. 

Each year, tens of thousands of patients receive care from the Queensway Carleton Hospital’s surgical teams. To ensure we meet the growing needs of our community and continue to advance surgical care – it is essential that we have the best and latest equipment and technology. Please join Susan and consider making a gift in support of QCH  Foundation. YOUR donation will help us provide critical upgrades to our 11 surgical suites.

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