Here We Go Again

On the morning of September 19, 2020, Alexis packed her family’s car with everything she could think of to keep her two-year old daughter entertained for the day – snacks, toys, colouring books, her iPad – hoping she’d not forgotten some favourite diversion… she was on her way to the two day drive-thru COVID-19 testing pop-up at the Canadian Tire Centre after learning of an outbreak at her daughter’s day care.

Alexis, QCH Foundation Champion of Care Donor.

Nervous, stressed, and not knowing what to expect, Alexis spent five hours in a lineup of cars with her daughter waiting to be tested.

Alexis, like many mothers and fathers with young children in daycare, knows all too well — and more frequently than most think — the stress of having to get a young child tested for COVID-19. The drive-thru pop up testing site was her first time being tested by our QCH team, but unfortunately not the last.

“We have a two-year old… outbreaks in daycare happen often, so this was not going to be my last rodeo!,” Alexis said.

In total, Alexis and her daughter have been tested a combined total of six times by our QCH team. When she got the most recent call, informing her that her daughter needed to be tested, she thought to herself, “here we go again!”

During that visit to our COVID-19 Testing and Care Centre on Moodie Drive, she recognized the doctor doing the swab test, not by her face, which was covered with PPE, but by the name written on her visor, Dr. Jacinda Wong. She was the same physician who performed the test on her last visit. She also recognized Dr. Wong by her calm demeanor – so gentle and kind, she made Alexis’s daughter feel safe and comfortable the entire visit, and even gave her a lollipop on her way out! Alexis was incredibly touched by the care her daughter received.

After this visit, Alexis reached out to QCH Foundation to make a generous Champion of Care donation in honour of Dr. Wong and the COVID-19 Testing and Care Centre. Alexis feels it is very important to recognize our healthcare workers for their dedication during the pandemic.

“There are lots of people who say doctors are heroes for doing what they are doing during the pandemic but, I don’t necessarily think they get recognition as individuals… just like any normal person, being told you’re doing a good job is really important.”

Dr. Jacinda Wong receiving her Champion of Care pin at our COVID-19 Testing and Care Centre on Moodie Drive.

Despite all the testing trips, if Alexis ever has to say to herself ‘here we go again!,’ she knows that she will be in good hands with our QCH team – and she’ll let them know how grateful she is for that. 

“I just want them (the QCH team) to know they are appreciated, their efforts are acknowledged, and people do understand how hard they are working. A pandemic is not something they signed up for when they started working in medicine!”

At QCH, you have the opportunity to recognize and show appreciation when a member of our team has provided exceptional care, by making a donation in honour of the care received. When you make a Champion of Care donation you can send a personal message of thanks that will be shared with your Champion. They will also receive a special pin to wear with pride. Your gift not only shows your appreciation, your support will ensure our QCH team continues to have the equipment and tools they need to care for you, your family, friends and our entire community.