Hear Me Roar!

“This is my hospital. I feel connected and I want to support the great care being provided.”

Clare Beckton, Founding Member, Women In Philanthropy

Clare Beckton doesn’t believe in giving back. She is all about giving forward. And she’s been doing it all her life. Clare says it is the impact that matters: “It’s a very positive feeling when one can influence change, shape a conversation, or provide leadership that makes a difference.”

From a young age, Clare saw the value of this approach. “Growing up in Saskatchewan, we were as poor as church mice,” she says. “But my father was the first one to pitch in and help out a neighbour. He would never take money. In fact, he’d probably invite them home for dinner.”

That giving spirit has shaped her career and her volunteer work. From senior government positions to mentoring women around the world, Clare has focused on pushing for change and lifting women up. She has been recognized for her efforts, including being named as one of Canada’s top 100 women by the Women’s Executive Network — three different times.

Her philanthropic pursuits are no different. As a proud supporter of Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) and a generous QCH Foundation donor, Clare’s contributions are many. “This is my hospital,” she says. “I feel connected and I want to support the great care being provided.”

Clare has served on the hospital board, including two years as Chair, and is a founding member of Women in Philanthropy. It brings together like-minded women from across Ottawa who want to help transform healthcare. They pool their donations and then choose from short-listed QCH projects that address urgent healthcare challenges.

“These women have a say in where their dollars are directed. We see the tangible impact right away. In doing so, we are shaping healthcare for our hospital and our community. That’s powerful.” Clare explains.

It seems fitting that Clare’s power song is ‘Hear Me Roar’. Her inspiring spirit and generous attitude are infectious — and she plans to keep moving things forward.

To learn more and become a member of QCH Foundation’s Women In Philanthropy program, please visit: qchfoundation.ca/women.