Donor Spotlight

Patricia has always been an avid supporter of Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation. Inspired by her late mother who taught her generosity and sense of giving, making donations – particularly to QCHF, has always been important and close to her heart.

Patricia shared that she ‘lives on a retirement budget’ and is currently a monthly donor as part of our “Circle of Friends” monthly donor club. During COVID-19, she increased her monthly donations to support QCH in any way she could with whatever extra funds she has.

“We have lived on a restricted retirement budget for over a decade… so that when we finally retired our lifestyle was already one that we were comfortable with. So, in the face of charities seeing less donations, we decided to share with an increased amount. I reviewed our budget with the history of the previous two months and there was an excess of funds suddenly available that we have not spent.”

As many individuals in our community are facing financial hardships, Patricia recognized that in many areas of her life, she was saving money.

“There was less spent on restaurants as we eat at home with food we cook ourselves, fewer errands so less gas needed and less laundry as we stay at home as much as we can. As many contractors are not available for work, we have delayed some projects needed for our house until later in the year. When the budget was recalculated, a larger amount of money was now available to share so we have redirected some excess to QCHF to help them with their needs as they face unprecented costs during COVID-19.”

It is also no coincidence that Patricia made the decision to increase her monthly giving right around Mother’s Day this past week – she had the following to share:

“I look for Silver Linings, something good that is a bonus in spite of everything on the negative side. In honour of Mother’s Day and my mother’s birthday on May 4th, yes, Mom, I continue to make you proud as the adult I grew into by always giving back. 

We want to extend our profound gratitude to Patricia. We are so humbled that even during difficult times, you display selflessness by make gifts to support our healthcare team and Queensway Carleton Hospital. Amazing donors like you are the reason that our teams continue to have the tools and equipment they need to provide excellent care to our community.

If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor please contact Karalee Bowles at