Congratulations Melanie!

Melanie, QCH Administrative Assistant and Champion of Care.

Melanie was recognized as a Champion of Care by over 20 QCH physicians in honour of her service to our hospital before her retirement. Along with their generous gift, many physicians wrote heartwarming messages to Melanie, to highlight what makes her a true Champion of Care:

“Mel has meant so much, to so many, for so many years at QCH. She has truly gone above and beyond over and over again. She has been the face of QCH and also of every hospitalist, as she responds to calls and questions from patients and families after their hospital admission. Her empathetic listening, and nurturing ways have comforted not only physicians, but also our patients, their families and our entire QCH community. Mel truly represents all that makes QCH great.”  

“I am so sad to see you leave, but at the same time I am happy that you now have the opportunity (and wisdom) to slow down the pace after all these years of your unmatched devotion, patience, organization and sincerity.”

“You made our office so much more than just a work place. You made it a place I look forward to coming, where we shared so many good stories and memories. You snuck in treats and coffee capsules for us over the weekends. You always lended us an ear when we needed one. You made us feel like a community in a community hospital. In all these ways and more, you helped me become a better physician and grow as a person.”

“I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for your support and friendship. You are simply fantastic! And you will be truly missed.”

“Thanks for all your listening over the years and making each one of us feel like are concerns are worthwhile and important.”

“You’ve always been kind, considerate, helpful, and warm (there aren’t enough good things for me to say).”

“You’ve been such a steadying and supportive force during my time at QCH; I’m so grateful for that. Also!… thanks for being patient with my endless shenanigans and setting me straight with your teasing reprimands that I definitely deserve.”

“I can’t imagine the office without you. You bring so much warmth, support and comfort to each of us and to the space.” 
“As one of the great pillars of our hospital you held us up. Helped us celebrate the good times, and kept us together through the tough times. I have learned so much from your graceful style of leadership. I have eaten so much of your chocolate cake. You have been a constant, reassuring, grounding force and a source of insight into the inner workings of the hospital.”

Congratulations Melanie on your well-deserved nomination, wishing you all the best in your retirement!

At QCH, you have the opportunity to recognize and show appreciation when a member of our team has provided exceptional care, by making a donation in honour of the care received. When you make a Champion of Care donation you can send a personal message of thanks that will be shared with your Champion. They will also receive a special pin to wear with pride. Your gift not only shows your appreciation, your support will ensure our QCH team continues to have the equipment and tools they need to care for you, your family, friends and our entire community.