Birthday Balloons

Chris’s patient care board while recovering at QCH on his birthday.

Chris Eritou, owner of Ercon Welding, describes himself as a healthy, tough man – mentally and physically — who never got sick until one day he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

In spring this year, Chris become a patient at Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) days before services and surgeries were postponed due to the pandemic. Chris believes he was one of the last few patients to receive surgery for his cancer before the lock-down began. 

As he recovered from his surgery at QCH, Chris never failed to be impressed by the amazing care he received from his clinical team. He is most grateful for Kathryn, a nurse at QCH who always ensured he was comfortable. Chris says Kathryn made him “feel like a king, like royalty” – while he was recovering.

Chris happened to be recovering at QCH on his birthday. When Kathryn found out, she decided  to do something fun to mark his special day. Kathryn took a pair of medical gloves and blew them up like balloons and hung them  from Chris’s patient care board, with a lovely happy birthday message, pictured above. 

“She said ‘I’m sorry it’s the best I can do. I know it’s your birthday but we don’t have any real balloons!’ But she still made me feel very special”, Chris shared.


Kathryn Edge, Chris’ nurse during his stay at QCH.

Chris was so thankful for the great care he received from everyone at QCH that he decided to make a very generous $5,000 gift on behalf of his company, Ercon Welding, to help fund urgently needed equipment at QCH.

“I cannot thank the team enough for what they do and I can only hope more people will appreciate what frontline workers go through every day… I am very lucky to be alive.”

On behalf of  everyone at QCH and the Foundation, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Chris for this impactful gift. Thank you for investing in healthcare excellence for our community. 

*Since this story was published, we are thrilled to share that Chris made another $5,000 gift to QCH Foundation to continue to support our frontline team.