Bryan is our hero!

Bryan, the super dad!

Dr. Sarah Walsh, QCH Neurologist, has a very special father figure in her life, her husband Bryan, who stepped up to the plate more than she could have ever asked for this past year. In celebration of Father’s Day on June 20, Dr. Walsh shared with us why Bryan deserves to be celebrated more than ever:

“When the pandemic hit, our nanny left. We could not get…a childcare provider…We were short staffed here at the hospital and my clinical responsibilities increased, so there was no way I could stay home to care for our two little ones, a five-year-old and six-month-old. In stepped Bryan. He took a paternity leave from his IT job, which eventually became permanent, as the pandemic had no end in sight — nor did my workload. It is because of him that our family was able to survive multiple school closures, forays into online learning, doctor and specialist appointments for our littlest, and taking over a private practice as new small business owners. This is not necessarily where he pictured himself when entering his field, and one day will return when things are less hectic, but he did so with grace, love, and patience. He is our hero!” – Dr. Sarah Walsh, QCH Neurologist 


Father’s Day is June 20. This Fathers Day, you can honour amazing fathers, like Bryan, by making a donation to QCH Foundation & double your impact! Choose from a selection of e-cards & send a special message to a father figure you want to celebrate.