An Hour to Give with Dr. Falconer

Listen to Dr. Andrew Falconer, CEO & President, Queensway Carleton Hospital, and other hospital and Foundation team members speak to Sam Laprade, from An Hour to Give (1310 news), about our hospital, our current needs, and our amazing community of supporters.

Dr. Andrew Falconer, CEO & President, Queensway Carleton Hospital

Hear Dr. Andrew Falconer speak about our hospital, its development into one of the region’s leading acute care hospitals, and our current healthcare challenges.

“What is a dream that you have for the hospital?” – Sam Laprade

“I dream that we can coordinate the services for mental health patients. There are a lot of great things happening in society right now, were talking about mental health, were destigmatizing mental health issues but it’s causing more demands on existing services… our goal is to provide the most appropriate care for patients and get them the care that they need.” – Dr. Falconer