Foundation Reports and Impact

Your Impact at Queensway Carleton Hospital

Your donations make a difference in healthcare provided at QCH to our community and region . We are committed to our donors and philanthropic partners, and we will always act with integrity and responsibility. On an annual basis, we provide our audited financial statements to the public and CRA as a measure of our accountability to our donors and our community. Please click here to view our information on CRA.

Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation is so grateful to our donor community and is pleased to announce that $1.174M was transferred to the hospital in 2015/2016. These funds supported hospital expansion, new equipment purchases and education at QCH.

Thank you for your ongoing support through the Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation! 

Community donor newsletters and impact reports are available in PDF format. Please click on the links below to review QCH’s improvements and progress and your donation’s impact over the years.


QCH Report to the Community 2019 (PDF)

QCH Foundation – Giving Matters – Newsletter 2019 (PDF)


QCH Foundation – March 31 2018 – Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

QCH Report to the Community 2018 (PDF)

QCH Foundation – Giving Matters – Newsletter 2018 (PDF)


QCH Foundation – March 31 2017 – Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

QCH Report to the Community 2017

QCH Foundation – People First – Newsletter 2017


QCH Foundation – March 31 2016 – Audited Financial Statement (PDF)

QCH Report to the Community 2016


QCH Foundation – March 31 2015 – Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

QCH Report to the Community 2015 (PDF)

QCH Foundation – People First – July 2015 Newsletter (PDF)


QCH Foundation – People First 2014 (PDF)

QCH Report to the Community 2014 (PDF)

QCH Foundation – March 31, 2014 – Audited Financial Statements (PDF)


QCH-Report-to-the-community-2013 (PDF)

QCH Foundation Statements – March 31, 2013 – Audited Financial Statements (PDF)


QCH Foundation March 31 2012 – Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

QCH-2012-Report-to-the-Community (PDF)

QCHF September 2012 People First (PDF)

Care Grows West Impact (PDF)

Donor Impact Report Mar 6 2012 (PDF)

QCH 2011 Annual Report Web (PDF)


Registered Charity Information Return – CRA T3010