A regular gal that loves her hospital

Kara Messer, Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) Finance team member, describes herself as a regular gal who just likes going for walks and loves working for QCH.

Kara Messer, QCH Finance team member and Ottawa Race Weekend participant.

When the pandemic began last year, Kara needed a way to stay active. So she started going for 5km walks every day, and pushed herself to go further and further every time. When the opportunity was presented to register for Ottawa Race Weekend and support QCH Foundation, she didn’t hesitate to challenge herself by registering for Team QCH to help raise $5,000 for the hospital she’s proud to work for.

“I am proud to tell people I work for QCH, and I think it is important to support the hospital I work for. I believe that being an employee who helps support QCH shows the community what a great place our hospital is. It shows them that our staff cares about where we work, and love what we do. On the weekends, I wear my QCH clothing with pride!,” says Kara.

Ottawa Race Weekend is on and going virtual for 2021. Kara would be thrilled to have you join her and the team!

“Come on out and join Team QCH! Help us raise some funds for much needed hospital supplies while having fun and getting some fresh air and exercise! No experience necessary – just a pair of running shoes, positive attitude and a smile,” adds Kara.


You can register for Team QCH, and join people like Kara, to support our hospital and raise funds for urgently needed equipment and other hospital priorities. When you register to run or walk a 2km, 5km, 10km or a marathon this spring, and choose QCH as your charity of choice, you will be investing in healthcare excellence for our community.

Lace up TODAY and help raise $5,000 to support our hospital.


*When registering through the link above, $5 will automatically be donated to QCH Foundation.

For further inquiries about Ottawa Race Weekend, please contact Jennifer Heale at jheale@qch.on.ca or 613-721-4700 ext. 1073.