A message from Melanie Adams, President and CEO

Dear QCH Foundation friends,

The time has come for a little break and a focus on self care…I will be away from the office for a few months as I focus on the task at hand….being well!

Over the years I have been humbled, inspired and motivated by the many stories that you have shared with me about your  health care journeys and about your gratitude of the care received.  I am always so uplifted by the generosity of our community who rally around our appeals for support and our shared vision of having the right tools, in the right hands at the right time at QCH!

Being on the receiving end brings a different perspective and intensifies the pride I take in our meaningful work!

In December of 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma. Following surgery (at QCH!) I felt I had this thing licked!  By January I was back at work and more committed than ever to bring a much needed focus to the priority projects we have underway with our Advancing Care For All Ages campaign.  Alas, as life will do, I was tossed a curveball in June that the melanoma had metastasized which resulted in another couple of QCH surgeries, a period of healing both physically and spiritually and now I wait to begin the long process of appointments and treatment, expected to begin late July.‎

This I know for sure:

Without the support of our generous community, the state of the art diagnostic tools I benefited from may not have been available.

QCH has the finest team of physicians, nurses and staff who cannot do what they do, without you! I know for certain how much THEY appreciate your support!

Your gifts inspire hope and healing! Every gift matters!

My role in the foundation is both a privilege and a calling;  ‎getting well and getting back to it is powering me through this!

Sunscreen matters!

While I anticipate being away from my desk for a few months, the Foundation family is not far  from my heart ‎and my thoughts.

Each of my staff and our Foundation Board  are equally as passionate as I am and I know you are in great hands! I will keep everyone updated on my progress with a regular post.

With a spirit of gratitude that has become a core value in my life, thank you for all you do for QCH, our patients and their families….you never know when it is you who will need it!

In health,

Melanie Adams

President and CEO

QCH Foundation