A kidney for Dr. Kovacs

Dr. Kathi Kovacs and her family members.

Kathi, like her father before her, is suffering from end stage renal failure. With only 11% function of her kidneys, the clock is ticking.

Kathi has been part of QCH for over 20 years, first as a psychiatrist and now as our Chief of Staff. She’s known for her calm demeanor, reassuring tone, and her kind words – everyone who interacts with her feels heard and understood, from patients and colleagues to friends. She’s always found time to serve on the Board of Directors of local charities and community groups.

After years of giving to others, Kathi is in need of a significant gift – a kidney from a living donor. Most of us are born with two kidneys. However, a healthy person can live a normal, healthy life with just one. This means a healthy person can donate a kidney to someone whose kidneys aren’t working. Kathi requires a potential donor with blood type A positive, A negative, O positive or O negative. Also, thanks to a national kidney matching program, people who are not a direct blood match to Kathi can still donate to save her life.

If you think you might be willing to help Kathi or another person in need – or have more questions about the process – please contact the Living Kidney Donor Program at The Ottawa Hospital at 613-738-8400 ext. 82719 or visit their website here.