A Grandson’s Letter of Gratitude to QCH

Paul Ralph at QCH

This is Paul Ralph. Paul spent 192 days in QCH’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) fighting for his life before being able to return home to his family. During this time Paul’s grandson, Crosby, wrote a letter to his grandfather’s QCH healthcare team to express his gratitude.

Crosby’s beautiful letter was originally sent into the Millstone News by his grandmother, Ria, Paul’s wife. On behalf of the QCH team, we would like to thank Paul, Ria and especially Crosby for his amazing words of gratitude in support of our healthcare team.

Read Crosby’s heartwarming letter in the Millstone News here >

It’s difficult to imagine that a normal day at a cottage would end in a hospital stay – for 192 days. 

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