A family affair – Hiking for Healthcare

Meet Dr. Joseph Pollard and Dr. Marie Aube, husband and wife, and Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) Emergency Physicians. As frontline workers, they have witnessed firsthand the outstanding work of their colleagues throughout the pandemic, and how the entire hospital has come together to serve our community. This has inspired them to sign up their entire family — for a second year running — for QCH Foundation’s Hike for Healthcare, to help raise urgently needed funds for the hospital. Dr. Pollard and Dr. Aube say their inspiration to raise funds stems from the positive impact they have seen from donations on their very own patients:

“QCH Foundation donors support our hospital’s particular needs by funding services, equipment and programs that would otherwise be unavailable to our community.  Hike for Healthcare is an excellent opportunity to help our community in return while exploring Ottawa and maintaining our physical and mental fitness,” they said.

Dr. Marie Aube and her children out for a hike.

Last year, the Pollard-Aube family visited the South Marsh Highlands, Stoney Swamp, Pinhey Forest, Pinhey Sand Dunes, and the Lime Kiln Ruins while completing their series of hikes. They say their kids also got great outdoor exercise while appreciating the local environment.

Dr. Pollard and Dr. Aube are encouraging everyone and anyone to join them by registering for this year’s Hike for Healthcare, and enjoy the amazing hiking trails and green spaces we have in Ottawa:

“We are grateful to everyone who supported our mission to raise money for QCH. Hike for Healthcare is a great way to serve our community…our family enjoyed their hiking experiences and continued them into the winter. Please consider donating to a hiker or join us for the Hike,” say Dr. Pollard and Dr. Aube.

Hike for Healthcare is an annual fundraiser in support of urgent healthcare needs at QCH. We are challenging participants to hike, walk or run 10km from now until October 31. Registration is FREE and online, and you can participate individually or as part of a team, anytime and anywhere you want.