Clement Gariepy knows a thing or two about technology. He worked with computers throughout his 31-year career at Canada Post, at one point leading a team that looked after 200 different systems. So, when he was wheeled into the OR at Queensway Carleton Hospital last November, he had a look around.

“To be honest, I remember thinking it was impressive,” Clement says. “There was a lot of equipment and a lot of people looking down at me. It was very comforting. And then I fell asleep and when I woke up, it was all done!”

Clement is one of more than 25,000 patients who visited Queensway Carleton Hospital’s operating suites last year. “To me, it’s a bar of gold. If I ever need anything, that is where I’ll go.” In fact, Clement posted on his Facebook page immediately after his procedure:

“The staff at Queensway Carleton Hospital have been exceptional and we are so lucky to have in Ottawa such a friendly and dedicated team of specialists in such an institution. My thanks to my surgeon and anesthetist who performed miracles on me. Now in Recovery and will be just as good as new within two months.”

To ensure this type of excellent care is always nearby, Clement understands that changes are needed. “At Canada Post, I saw the evolution from punch cards to micro computers. So, I’ve seen it and I can appreciate how important and valuable it is to have the right equipment in the right surroundings.”

The $2.5 million Surgical Service Campaign will revitalize Queensway Carleton Hospital’s surgical suites with new surgical tables, scopes, scanners and operating tools. Each suite will also be retrofitted with overhead booms, lighting, cables and monitors.

Clement says his hernia surgery was a textbook case and went like clockwork. “I did a lot of research and I looked at all the possible complications. Dr. Monaghan was the best doctor I could have. I was so impressed with how everything went.”

He was also impressed with the care. “At Queensway Carleton Hospital, they don’t look at patients as part of an assembly line. They pay attention to each one. Every patient is unique with unique needs. It gives you a good feeling to be in a place like that.”

There’s one more reason why Clement thinks we should all support health care close to home. He has three children, four grandchildren and a great-grandchild and most of them live near the hospital. He says it is comforting to know that these services will be available when required. “We are all getting older and, at some point, we will all need Queensway Carleton Hospital. I’m so grateful it is there.”

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